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www.dwmotorsportphotography.com was developed from a passion, love and enthusiastic attitude for motor racing. Our aim is to cover motorsport events on a freelance basis, using contemporary and artistic methods that ensures that dwmotorsportphotography.com makes this website stand out from the competition.

Having driven all the UK circuits and by watching amazing races from the side lines over the years, this process has given dwmotorsportphotography.com the knowledge and opportunities to understand where the action will take place time and time again.


Dwmotorsportphotography.com can offer a number of services:

  • Motor Sport Photography
  • Driver Portraits
  • Car Shoots for Private Clients
  • Track Day Photography
  • Car Portraits
  • What do you have in mind?

Please email me with your requirements at daniel@dwmotorsportphotography.com.

Dwmotorsportphotography.com has come about from a love of motorsport. It all started at the age of ten when on a day out with my father at Oulton Park, my life was transformed. I had always been interested in cars from around two years of age but racing was just something else. The noise, smell, sounds enticed me in. The atmosphere was so intense I knew I wanted more so I embarked on finding out all I needed to know.

I continued to watch motor racing on TV and live at my local track, Oulton Park on a regular basis until I reached the age of 17 when I got my first car. This allowed me to travel further afield to places like Silverstone and Brands Hatch, often spending weekends away sleeping in the back of my little Renualt 5 GT Turbo. This continued for many a year until I managed to graduate and get my first job-a car sales executive. My weekends away stopped but it did allow me to indulge in my passion further. Been around executive and sports cars gave me the opportunity to move up the automotive ladder quickly. The pivittol time was when I was 25 and deciding to by a Lotus Elise S1.

Owning the Elise opened up a whole new aspect of my love of motor racing. Although I could no longer attend many meetings at a weekend, I did find a fix in the form of track days. I would often be found hurtling round Oulton Park on a Tuesday with trips to Brands, Cadwell, Snetterton and Silverstone all completed quickly. In fact, during the three years of Lotus Elise S1 ownership I managed to tick off all the UK circuits. After many a happy hour in the S1 Elise, it was changed for an Exige S2 which again saw its fair share of track action. The first test run was a Elvington before an epic track day a few months later at Oulton Park.

Since the cars have came and gone, it was time to try something new. During the Lotus ownership, a fellow member offered me the opportunity to purchase a Canon 350d and 70-300 lens. This was bought as a bit of fun but events at one particular meeting would change my life once more. We were snapping away at a GT race at Oulton Park when a car went off at the exit of Druids. The car went light at the crest and spun into the barrier. A random race engineer asked if the incident was caught on the camera and we found that the whole incident was indeed captured. We were praised on the quality of images but thought nothing more of it. We later found out that the praise came from none other than Andrew Kirkaldy who is now running the McLaren GT program!

Since the track day experiences, I have been taking pictures at Oulton Park, Silverstone and Donington. In 2012 I decided that this would be the year to make a go of the business. My employer, Hartech Automotive asked me to cover their new racing ventures in the Porsche Club GB Series at Donington Park which supported the British Truck GP. It was this that allowed me to get my first “bib” and full media accreditation.

Since acquiring full public liability insurance I have also managed to cover prestigous events like the European Le Mans Series, FIA GT1 Championship, British Touring Car Championship and the British GT Championship.

In 2014, we have had the pleasure of providing images once again to Hartech who raced once more in Porsche Club Championship. During the season we gained full accreditation at Silverstone, Croft, Donington and Rockingham. Images were used in the Bolton Evening Telegraph to promote the business and the racing exploits.

Once again we covered the HSCC Gold Cup, BTCC, British GTs and MG Club Championships. We are still on the first page of Google for searches like ”Oulton Park Photography” “Donington Park Photography” “Motorsport Photography” and Motorsport Photographer”.

2015 brought us some further great exposure as images were used in both Autosport Magazine, Motorsport News and various local newspapers. We also provided images to the BRSCC for inclusion within their various programs. Numerous companies took advantage of what we  offer so why not join them?

In 2017 we will be available for hire on a championship basis. This year we are looking for new or established championships to come on board and experience what dwmotorsportphotography.com has to offer. If you are a driver, team or championship co-ordinator, send us an e-mail at daniel@dwmotorsportphotography.com and we can run through what we can offer for a fraction of the price of other motorsport photographers. Remember, we specialise in motorsport only. We do not venture off into other photographic areas allowing us to continue with your motorsport activites and requirements.


Dwmotorsportphotography.com has decided that it should concentrate on automobiles and motor racing. We feel that by specialising in one area will allow the client the opportunity to gain a product that is unique to them but be relevant and exciting.

All services are done on a donation basis. There is no set fee for my work. I hope to attend a meeting and have banks of photos that teams, drivers, the public and the media will appreciate. If a print is required all I ask is that the costs are covered then a donation made on top. If a photo is of interest I ask that the client contacts me or drops me an e-mail then makes a donation to my pay pal account by using my mobile phone number. When payment has been made the picture(s) will then be either e-mailed or posted out on a pen drive to the client’s specification.

The general services that dwmotorsportphotography.com can offer are:

Motorsport Photography

I attend an event either with media accredition or as a member of the public. I take as many pictures as I possibly can and then put them on the website for viewing, making sure they are exciting, artistic and photogenic.

Driver Portraits

Are you a new driver or an existing one? Do you need interesting pictures of you in your race attire to show off a sponsor’s logo? This can easily be created in a contemporary manner. This can be done at a circuit or other location of your choice at extra cost.

Car Portraits

This is something that dwmotorsportphotography.com will develop. Do you have an interesting car that is photogenic? It doesn’t have to be exotica as long as it is interesting to you. The format includes taking pictures in a number of locations creating different moods with the car. Urban or rural the subject could be motionless or travelling. The client decides.

Race Team Commissions

Are you a new team? Are you launching a new livery? This is an ideal opportunity to hire dwmotorsportphotography.com to do your photography work. The client can decide whether they want the cars on track or in the pit lane garages or at other flexible locations.

Track Day Photography

Are you a track day company wanting a last minute photographer to replace an absentee or are you looking at expanding the amount of different photos that can be available to your clients? Are you a track day enthusiast that wants some pictures taking specifically for you? Again, this can be a mixture of action track shots and pit lane/paddock shots all put on a pen drive.

Prints and Framing

Dwmotorsport.com can offer a printing service for any of pictures on the web site. Please e-mail your requirements and the selection of number references.


Danny Walton


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