Grizedale Stages Rally-Grizedale-02122017

The 2017 Grizedale Rally Stages marked the end of the 2017 motorsport season for us. A great day was had with some very close action. We will be out again next year in the forest.

485 Photos

Mini Festival-Oulton Park-19082017

One of the highlights of the 2017 season is the Mini Festival. With the Midlands marque represented throughout the day, it was a Meccka for all the lovers of the Mini. Old and new models were on show that created some action packed races.

592 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-12082017

Caterhams, eights of racing that was frantic with action all the way and mixed weather. A good day was had.

306 Photos


Too many images in this gallery.

1518 Photos

Leewood Autograss-War of the Roses-23072017

An excellent day was had at the Leewood Motor Club. The War of the Roses meeting brought some great racing as expected. We are already looking forward to the next meeting at Leewood.

853 Photos

Greystoke Rally-M Sport Test Facility-09072017

All the images from the Greystoke Stages are in here! Enjoy. If any images are required, drop me a website email at or drop me a message on Facebook. Thanks for a great day!

416 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-08072017

Strange day on Saturday. The decision was taken not to cover the karts, Clubmans or the Formula Ford races as other priorities presented themselves during the day and we felt that the prioity had to go to the CNC Sport and Saloon Championship and the Khumo BMW Challengers. We had a great day relaxing and moving around the circuit. We managed to move to Knickerbrook, Old Hall and Brittens. The brief was to try some low shutter stuff.

395 Photos

Stock Cars-Belle Vue-25062017

A Sunday and a trip to Belle View for the stock cars.

271 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-17062017

All the BRSCC images from Oulton Park are within this gallery. The Northwest Formula Ford, Fiesta and MX5 championships were on show.

995 Photos

Leewood Autograss-Leewood-18062017

All the Leewood Autograss images are within this gallery. We will be going again for the next rounds.

166 Photos

BARC Hill Climb-Harewood Hill-04062017

Sunday brought a different day motor racing wise. A look through the calendar on the Saturday, we duly found a meet the next day at the hill climb venue near Leeds, Harewood Hill. The event organised by the BARC brought quite a variety of machinery. The highlight was a rather nice Aston Martin DBR1 replica.

286 Photos

Williams 40th-Silverstone-03062017

Our next instalment was a surprise. To be invited to the 40th anniversary of Williams was a joy. Plenty to see and do for all the family. With a perfectly timed pit walk minor race drivers were spotted in the Silverstone garages. Nico Rosberg, Keke Rosberg, Nigel Mansell, Alexander W, Mark Webber, Claire Williams and even Frank himself made an appearance.

293 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-27052017

This weeks motorsport instalment was presented by the MSV organisation. They brought their Caterham, Saloon and Sports 2000 championships to entertain us.

551 Photos

AMOC-Oulton Park-13052017

Working again covering the Porsche Club Championship for Hartech. Images were required of the many Porsches that have had an engine installed by Hartech.

282 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-07052017

Family action was the order of the day. Although there was some excellent racing on offer, the off track attractions caught our eye. We had an experience on the Red Devil monster truck and took in the fair.

230 Photos

British Superbikes-Oulton Park-30042017

Don't do bikes! As there wasn't any car racing on close by over the May bank holiday it was decided that we break a habit of a lifetime and go over to Oulton for the next rounds of the 2017 British Superbike Championship.

972 Photos

British GT-Oulton Park-2017

All the British GT images are here. A full gallery of three days of action. As always, images were snapped from the usual areas. All images are available to the media with editing before final approval.

874 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-25032017

A dry and sunny day was had for the first BRSCC meeting of the year at Oulton Park. The PDA Porsche Championship, Alfa Romeo, XR and Northern Formula Ford championships were also in attendance.

356 Photos

British Rally Cross-Croft-19032017

All the British Rally Cross images are included here. A great day was had watching various machines do battle through the mud and dust around the Darlington circuit.

443 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-18032017

First meeting of 2017 at Oulton Park. Awful weather and no mojo therefore this is a small gallery. It shows how wet it was and how difficult race conditions were all day.

176 Photos

Blackpool MC Rally-Three Sisters-12032017

Yet more rally action was had at the weekend. Once again this was an opportunity to get the camera out and test it against the elements. The Three Sisters Circuit provided the backdrop for what was an interesting day. All the images are available as prints and can be emailed across from media purposes.

338 Photos

Race Retro 2017

First live action of 2017 has to be the Race Retro opportunity we had last weekend. Plenty to see both in doors and out with flaming rally cars and classic karts to entertain.

141 Photos

Autosport Show 2017

All the images from the 2017 Autosport Show are here. During the day we covered BTCC, British GT and Historic Formula Ford commitments. Overall, it wasn't a bad show.

317 Photos

Silverstone Classic-Silverstone-2016

A selection of random Silverstone images from last year.

622 Photos

Neil Howard Rally-Oulton Park-05112016

All the images from the Neil Howard Rally are here. All the thrills, spills and splashes for your entertainment. All images are available to the media if required. Details on the home page.

433 Photos

Classic and Sports Car Championships-Oulton Park 15102016

All the images from the Classic and Sports Car Championship races are included here. Covering the races allowed images to be snapped from Old Hall, Brittens, Cascades and Hill Top.

829 Photos

Fun Cup-Oulton Park-08102016

At last, all the Fun Cup images are here. Didn't have any commitments for once so it was time to sit back and enjoy it. The race was thrilling from start to finish.

500 Photos

Formula Ford, Pumas & XRs-Oulton Park-08102016

If you are into your Fords this is the place for you. All the Fiesta, Puma and Formula Ford images are here. As always, all images are subject to final editing before submission.

247 Photos

CNC Sports and Saloons Championship-Oulton Park-01102016

All the images from the last two rounds of the CNC Sports and Saloons are here. Congrats go to Paul Rose on winning the championship in his rather quick Saker.

372 Photos

Britcar-Oulton Park-01102016

After a couple of weeks lay off, it was back to Oulton for some Britcar action with support from the CNC Sports and Saloon Championship and the Super Karts. It was generally a wet day with plenty of action shots generated for the Britcar organisors.

689 Photos

British GT-Donington Park-11092016

All the Donington Park Sunday British GT Images are all included here. Plenty of pit actions captured on this day.

522 Photos

British GT-Donington Park-10092016

Saturday British GT images are here.

532 Photos

MG Car Club-Oulton Park-03092016

Despite the torrential wet weather, the day was full of close racing. MGs, Morgans and Porsches, what was not to like?

1057 Photos

Gold Cup-Oulton Park-29082016

All the Sunday images are included here. Paddock shots from the morning are also shown.

258 Photos

Gold Cup-Oulton Park-28082016

At last. The Gold Cup Saturday images are here. Great entertainment was had by all. All images are subject to quick checking before submission.

870 Photos

Silverstone Classic-Silverstone-Friday 2016

All the action from the Friday sessions from the Silverstone Classic are here. With GTs and Super Tourers the highlight it was a great start to the weekend.

539 Photos

Caterham Festival-Oulton Park-13082016

All the Caterham action from Oulton Park is here. We had some huge grids to contend with so it was off to Brittens, Old Hall Inside, Old Hall Grand Stand, Knickerbrook and Cascades to capture them.

1119 Photos

MSVR-Oulton Park-23072016

For the second week in a row, MSVR graced the hallowed tarmac at Oulton Park. This week the large crowd were treated to some fantastic GT machinery in the GT Cup, BMWs and the Track Day stars of the Track Day Trophy.

630 Photos

MSVR-Oulton Park-16072016

What a day! Fine drizzle mixed with intense rain was the order of the day. Radical racing was the main draw of the day with the Lotus Cup UK, Lotus Elise Championship and F3 Cup there to mix up the day. We witnessed close action all day all down the different classes.

1119 Photos

Track Attack-Oulton Park-10072016

Great day was had that was a break from the norm! Interesting mix of modified cars that were driven within an inch of their lives.

334 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-25062016

If you are a Mazda MX5 fan, Oulton Park was the place to be this weekend. Massive grids as seems the norm tuned up. The mark 1 MX5s brought nearly 60 racers! Alfas, Porsches and Formula Fords added a great mixture.

1021 Photos

British GT-Silverstone-12062016

All the images from a very wet British GT three hour race are here. Over 700 images snapped from around the circuit will hopefully give you an in-site on how wet it actually was.

568 Photos

BTCC Supports-Oulton Park-05062016

A poor collection of support race images. Included are the usual bunch of races, Porsche Carerra Cup, F4, Ginetta Juniors and Super Cup and Clios.

314 Photos

BTCC Supports-Oulton Park-04062016

The Saturday support races and qualifying were as exciting as the BTCC itself.

607 Photos

BTCC-Oulton Park-05062016

All images snapped from Old Hall. Massive crowd as normal. Most of the action takes place at Old Hall or Cascades on a Sunday so the decision was made early on to set a pitch and settle in for a great days racing. Moving slightly further down from "the tree" allowed us to capture trains of cars on the exit and give us time to react if anything untoward was to happen. Enjoy the images. As always, images are subject to editing before final submission.

334 Photos

BTCC-Oulton Park-04062016

All the Saturday BTCC images are included here. Images are taken from free practice one and two and qualifying. During the day images were snapped at Cascades, Knickerbrook, Druids and Old Hall.

716 Photos

BGT Supports-Oulton Park-2016

Within this gallery we have the remainder of the support race action. We have the Ginetta GT5s, AMOC Intermarque Championship, and the 50s Sports Cars.

199 Photos

F3 Championship-Oulton Park-2016

All the images from the British F3 Championship are here. We have combined both days. Images include arty mirror shots, head shots and race, practice and qualifying shots. All images are subject alterations and are copyright of the website.

320 Photos

British GT Race 2-Oulton Park-30052016

All the images from round two from Oulton Park are here including some pits and paddock shots. Support races are available on request.

210 Photos

British GT Race 1-Oulton Park-30052016

All the images from round one of the British GT Championship from Oulton Park. These do need a lot of work before submission. Some may also go in the bin so please contact me if any are required. Ta Dan

182 Photos

British GT Saturday-Oulton Park-29052016

All the Saturday images from the British GT Championship at Oulton Park are here. Images are from free practice one and two and then the qualifying session. Images are from Shell Oils, Brittens, Druids, Lodge and the pit lane.

653 Photos

VSCC-Oulton Park-21052016

This was a welcome return to Oulton Park in 2016. The Vintage Sports Car Championship graced the Cheshire circuit for the first time in three years. Highlight of the day was watching a collection of Type 35s do battle.

595 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-07052016

The first of two meets featuring the Fun Cup for VW Golf powered Beetles. To add spice to the day, the XR Championship attended with the usual Fiesta and Escort models with an added grid of Puma race cars. The Formula Fords were in action once more and finally, the Ferrari Owners Club attended with their Classic series. For the first time, the series allowed F355 Challenge cars into the mix to compete with the trusty 308s, Dinos and Mondials.

368 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-09042015

Proper Formula Ford racing!

385 Photos

750 Motor Club-Oulton Park-02042016

All the images from the annual 750 Motor Club meeting at Oulton Park are here. All images are subject to editing before submission.

285 Photos

BTCC Media Day-Donington Park-22032016

That time of year again...BTCC Media Day 2016! Great day with a few surprises! All images copyright of Please contact us if any images are required at All images are subject to final approval before submission.

493 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-19032016

At last! First race meet of the year at Oulton Park. The BARC came along with come great machinery. BARC Clios, 2CVs, Lancaster Insurance MG Championship, Junior Touring Car Championship, MAX5s. Some great racing that was close but fair. Most images straight off the camera so all images are copyright and are subject to slight editing before submission.

424 Photos

Neil Howard Memorial Rally-Oulton Park-07112015

The curtain falls on another great motorsport season. To finish off, it was time for a quick run to Oulton to catch the last meeting of the season, the Neil Howard Memorial Rally organised by the Bolton Le Moors Car Club. With the introduction of a gravel section the event continued to grow.

232 Photos

MSVR-Oulton Park-24102015

That was one hectic day at Oulton Park for the final race meeting of the 2015 season. With slides, spins, crashes and even a roll, action was a plenty. All images are available to the media as always. Drop us a line at

205 Photos

Mazda Racing BRSCC Finals-Donny-18102015

All the Mazda races are here.

551 Photos

OSS and Honda BRSCC Finals-Donny-18102015

Hondas and OSS Championship images here.

175 Photos

Alfa BRSCC Finals-Donny-18102015

Plenty of action from the Alfa Romeos on Sunday. Great grid size and variety. Considering it for a race later next year.

160 Photos

Mini Action BRSCC Finals-Donington Park-18102015

All the Mini action from the two races from the BRSCC Finals weekend. All images snapped on the Sunday. All images available to the media.

108 Photos

MSVR Racing-Oulton Park-10102015

All the images from the MSVR races from Oulton Park are included here. All images are available to the media if required.

426 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-03102015

All the images from the last two rounds of the CNC Race Heads Sports and Saloon Championship are included here. Also, images were taken of the Clubmans and the Tricolour Championship on the day. Just for good measure and to finish off the day, we thought we would try some Super Kart action. All images are available to the media, drivers, teams etc. Get in touch at All images are subject to editing before submission.

420 Photos

BRSCC Caterhams-Oulton Park-19092015

A highlight of the year was had at Oulton Park. Great cars and large grids ensured we were treated to some great action. Slides, spins and the odd knock were the order of the day.

562 Photos

British GT Race-Donington Park-2015

The final British GT race of the season. Donington Park 2015.

228 Photos

British GT-Donington Park-Saturday 2015

Action all the way! Sudden down pours, dry running and spins. And that is just free practice one. Within this gallery, all the images are from free practice and qualifying.

684 Photos

GT Grid Walk-Donny-2015

Grid Walk-Guests of JWB having a great day! If images are required, drop me an email at

39 Photos

British Super Bikes-Oulton Park-2015

All the images from the British Superbikes event at Oulton Park are contained here. All images are available to media sources and are subject to an edit before submission. I don't do bikes I always say...

433 Photos

Stock Cars-Bell Vue-31082015

Great days racing with action all the way. None stop action for six hours. Will be going again in November when the F2 stock cars return with the bangers. As always, images are subject to editing and are available to the media.

222 Photos

Gold Cup-Oulton Park-30082015

August bank holiday means one thing...Oulton Park Gold Cup. All images snapped on the Sunday as Monday we had other ideas. All images available to the media. Drop us a line if anything is required. Images snapped from Cascades, Old Hall, Knickerbrook, Brittens and Druids.

787 Photos

British GT-Snetterton-30082015

All the images from Sunday's two GT races are contained here.

350 Photos

British GT-Snetterton-29082015

Snetterton practice, qualifying and paddock images.

463 Photos

British GT Supports-Snetterton-Saturday

All the support races from the Snetterton weekend. As ever, F4, Ginetta GT5 and VW Cup put on a great show. The Porsche Club Championship also made a welcome appearance.

280 Photos

Mini Festival-Oulton Park-08082015

Quick gallery from the Oulton Park Mini Festival.

420 Photos

BGT Supports-Brands Hatch-Sunday

Sunday's BGT support races are inserted here. All images available to the media for the future. All are subject to an edit.

160 Photos

BGT Supports-Brands Hatch-Saturday

All the support race images from the Saturday Brands Hatch GT meeting are here. These images are up for an edit before submission. If media outlets are interested, drop us line at the mail above.

246 Photos

British GT Race-Brands Hatch-2015

Need to sort out the rest of the Brands Hatch race images but these are the first few.

227 Photos

British GT Practice Two-Brands Hatch-2015

Practice two from Brands was spent floating around the pits to get that important driver change or other random event. We also ventured out to the inside Clark curve.

152 Photos

British GT Practice One-Brands Hatch-2015

Practice One Images. All the images from practice one are here from Brands Hatch. Paddock Hill and Druids were the choice of corner.

192 Photos

Two Litre Touring Cars-Silverstone Classic-2015

Great racing from the classic two litre touring car drivers.

180 Photos

HGPCA Pre 66 Grand Prix Cars-Silverstone Classic-2015

Maserati 250 F. Enough said.

43 Photos

Kidston Trophy-Silverstone Classic-2015

While walking to Village for the F1 Masters, the Kidston Trophy was in action. The race brought a mixture to the weekend. You really can't beat 3.0 litre Bentleys at full chat.

87 Photos

Jet Battle of Britain-Silverstone Classic-2015

Great race from the Saturday.

132 Photos

International Trophy Pre 66 GT Cars-Silverstone Classic-2015

All the International Trophy Pre 66 Sports cars are here.

223 Photos

Historic Formula Junior-Silverstone Classic-2015

All the Historic Formula Junior images are here. Both wet and dry images are included. As always, all images are subject to an edit before media submission.

158 Photos

Stirling Moss Trophy-Silverstone Classic-2015

This race, named after Sir Stirling Moss, was a joy to watch. It was a pleasure to watch the like of Lotus 11s, Jaguar C Types and Aston Martins doing battle as they did in years gone by.

141 Photos

Super Tourers-Silverstone Classic-2015

Watts, Minshaw, Clealand, just three great names to come to Silverstone to do battle once more. The cars were great as they all ran in period livery.

147 Photos

Group C Racing-Silverstone Classic-2015

Stepping back in time was the order of day with the Group Cs. The cars were awesome as they braked for Brooklands. Bright discs and flames were produced all the way down the grid. The Silk Cut Jag was the highlight.

151 Photos

Demonstrations-Silverstone Classic-2015

Other than the racing, the Classic puts on some great demonstrations. This year the crowd was treated to some famous F1 cars that were originally campaigned by the likes of Senna, Piquet, and Schumacher. Also, the 90s GT legends made an appearance. We caught a great shot of Mark Sumpter pushing his Porsche GT1 to the limit. To top things off, there were also drag racing demos to be had.

83 Photos

F1 Masters-Silverstone Classic-2015

The highlight of the weekend was the ability to capture two FIA F1 Masters races at close quarters. In the dry we decided that we wanted some action so made our way to Village and the Loop. We were not disappointed as there were some great overtaking moves into the tight apex. On the Sunday, the wet conditions meant protection was required. We decided that the platform at the end of the F1 pit lane could be the ideal place.

303 Photos

British GT-Spa-11072015

Race day from Spa!

202 Photos

British GT-Spa-10072015

The first GT day was Friday with two 1 hour practice sessions and then a substantial qualifying period. Parts of the track were not accessible even with media accreditation. We managed to grab images from Eu Rouge, La Source and in the pit lane. Johnny Adam claimed pole position.

470 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-04072015

A quick gallery from Oulton Park and the BRSCC meeting from the beginning of July. All images snapped from Old Hall and Cascades as it was only an afternoon session for us. All images are subject to editing before submission to media outlets.

425 Photos

Support Race Images-Croft-28062015

All the support images from the BTCC Sunday races are here. All images subject to editing etc. before submission.

288 Photos

Support Race Images-Croft-27062015

All the support images from the Saturday at Croft are here. MSA Formula Ford, Ginetta Juniors and Super Cup, Porsche Carerra Cup and Clios provided the entertainment as always.

620 Photos


All the Sunday race images.

355 Photos


All the BTCC images from Saturday are here. With two practice sessions and qualifying there was plenty of time to venture round the Yorkshire track.

469 Photos

Radical Races-Oulton Park-20062015

Radical racing was the highlight of the day with a mixture of sprints and enduros to keep the spectators entertained. It was a pleasure to witness the SR1 Cup continue and the new face lifted SR8 Radicals in attendance.

436 Photos

MSVR Lotus-Oulton Park-20062015

All the Lotus Elise Championship and Lotus Cup UK images are here. We snapped images from Cascades, Old Hall, Brittens and Hill Top. All images available in high res as requested. All images available to the media.

314 Photos

BTCC-Oulton Park-06062015

All the action and tension from free practice one and two plus the exciting qualifying period are here. Images taken at Druids, Knickerbrook and the paddock.

289 Photos

BTCC Supports-Oulton Park-06062015

Action Packed!

442 Photos

BTCC Supports-Oulton Park-07062015

All the Sunday support images are here. Again, due to the crowd, all images were snapped at Old Hall. We caught more action with drivers spinning their chariots. All images subject to editing before submission.

267 Photos

BTCC-Oulton Park-07062015

All the images from the three BTCC races are here. All images snapped at Old Hall due to the size of the crowd. We caught the Audi spin, battles and wide moments as the drivers took to the greencreate on the exit of the corner.

257 Photos

British GT Race-Silverstone-31052015

Three hours, the British F1 circuit, a grid full of GT cars from around Europe. What is there not to like?

440 Photos

British GT Warm Up-Silverstone-31052015

Warm up on Sunday brought the first of the rain. Rain does produce some great images. As always, all images require a quick edit before submission.

70 Photos

British GT Saturday-Silverstone-30052015

Action was to start early on Saturday with two practice sessions and qualifying.

476 Photos

BRDC F4-Silverstone-3031052015

Excellent racing once more from the packed F4 grid. All images subject to editing and high res images available on request.

118 Photos

VW Cup-Silverstone-3031052015

With the iconic Silverstone track on offer as the venue for the next two rounds of the VW Cup and a great grid size, we were anticipating big things. Race one was fantastic as it took part in the wet. We witnessed some very close action which was too close at times.

178 Photos

Ginetta GT5-Silverstone-3031062015

With five races at the weekend for the various Ginetta drivers, we were looking forward to some action. With a steady grid growing in numbers at every round, the GT5 Challenge and Drivers Championship never let us down.

97 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-23052015

A great afternoon was had watching some very close racing and catching up with the Oulton Park massive! Alfas, Formula Fords, Fiestas and Caterhams provided the action. All images subject to editing before submission.

443 Photos

Caterham Racing-Donington-10052015

All the Caterham action from Donington are here. Drivers pushed to the limit and beyond. All images are subject to an edit before submission.

580 Photos

Fiesta Racing-Donnington-10052015

Great racing from the little Fords. There was plenty of action at the chicane. Lots of drivers went wide producing some great dust shots.

231 Photos

VW Golf GTi Championship-Donny-10052015

Thirty VW golfs on a grid at Donington-what can go wrong?

213 Photos

BRSCC Formula Ford-Donny-10052015

All the Sunday Formula Ford action is included here. We have the National Championship covered here. We snapped from the Foggy Esses, Crainers and the Old Hairpin. Contact us if any images are required for media purposes. All images subject to editing before submission.

117 Photos

Formula 4-Rockingham-2015

With all races run in the wet or in damp conditions we were expecting to grab some images of cars producing rooster tails, lock ups and action. We had competitors coming together and spinners at the first hairpin.

164 Photos

Ginetta Action-Rockingham-2015

Ginetta Action.

132 Photos

VW Cup-Rockingham-2015

All the VW Cup action from Rockingham. Qualifying and three races.

247 Photos

Alfa Romeo Championship-Rockingham-02052015

As an Alfa owner, the qualifying and races were not to be missed. Some quick cars driven by quick drivers kept the entertainment going during the GT event.

44 Photos

Mazda MK3-Rockingham-02052015

With the demise of British F3 and the MSA Formula moving to the BTCC package, the BRSCC changes some of the support races. This week we had the Mazda MK3 Championship and the Alfa Romeo Challenge. Here we have a small gallery of the MX5 racers.

42 Photos

British GT Race-Rockingham-03052015

All the action from round three of the 2015 British GT Championship is shown here. As always, images are copyright of and are subject to editing before submission.

285 Photos


Boom! All the BTCC race day action from Sunday. Race three was a classic. Shame we decided to capture it from the Crainer Curves as the sun was in the wrong place!

302 Photos


What people have been waiting for! The qualification and practice sessions are here for your pleasure. All images are subject to final approval. All images are available to the media as always.

580 Photos

MSA Formula-Donnington-1819042015

The MSA Formula car is a cracker. It was great to see the grid size grow this year.

385 Photos

Ginetta Junior-Donington-1819042015

Ginetta G40s with kids driving them can only lead to one thing...

189 Photos

G55 Ginetta Super Cup-Donington-1819042015

The G55 Super Cup grid has some very big names this year. With the likes of Steven Kane and Ollie Jackson this year is going to be exciting.

125 Photos

Clio Cup-Donington Park-1819042015

As ever the Clio Championship entertained. As last year, the drivers took it upon themselves to rub shoulders to pass. All images subject to editing and copyright.

284 Photos

BGT Support Races-Monday-Oulton Park-Easter

BGT Supports from Monday.

386 Photos

British GT Championship-Saturday-Oulton Park-Easter

The British GT Championship is one, if not the best domestic GT championship in the world. All Saturday images from Oulton Park are included here. As always, they are subject to an edit before submission and are available to all media with a relevant credit to the site.

626 Photos

VW Cup-Saturday-Oulton Park-Easter

All the VW action from Saturday qualifying and two races are here. As always, the images are subject to the odd tinker. If any are required for media purposes, drop us a line at the email above.

171 Photos

Formula 4-Saturday-Oulton Park-Easter

F4 images from Saturday qualifying and the races. All images subject to final adjustments. Palmer came out on top.

190 Photos

Ginetta GT5 Challenge-Oulton Park-Easter

All the Ginetta GT5 Challenge images are here. All qualification and race images took place on Saturday,

241 Photos

2CV Racing-Oulton-28032015

Do not underestimate a 2CV. Once the speed is there, controlled slides were the order of the day.

56 Photos

Legend Racing-Oulton Park-28032015

Legend racing came to entertain.

160 Photos

Caterham Racing-Oulton Park-28032015

Classic design which generated classic action all day.

232 Photos

CNC Sports & Saloons-Oulton Park-28032015

All the action shots from the first round of the 2015 CNC Sports and Saloon Championship are here. Also we have all the wet images from a very damp qualifying period.

188 Photos

BTCC Media Day-Donington Park-24032015

The 2015 British Touring Car Championship is go! This year we have a driver to follow through the year. Returning this year for a second season is Aiden Moffat who will pilot a Merc A Class along side Adam Morgan. It was our duty to attend the media day and cover the activities of all drivers.

445 Photos

Karting-Hooton Park-08032015

All the fun from Hooton is here. A very wet day but it generated some great action.

361 Photos

Northwest Stages Rally-Fleetwood-07022015

Early start this year with the North West Stages based around the Blackpool area. Great day with plenty of action to keep us entertained.

547 Photos

Autosport Interntional-NEC-08012014

This is the official start to the 2015 season. A great day was had at the NEC with many announcements, drivers and cars to feast our eyes on. If yesterday was anything to go by, bring on the busy season.

445 Photos

Neil Howard Rally-Oulton Park-10112014

It was a tad wet all day which made for a great rally.

593 Photos

Neil Howard Rally Autosolo-Oulton Park-10112014

All the autosolo images from the Neil Howard Rally at Oulton Park are included here. All images are available to the media and are subject to final editing.

40 Photos

Britcar-Donington Park-01112014

Here we have the images from all the qualification and day races. The night images were a little too dark for inclusion so will appear in a separate gallery. All images are displayed and give an indication on what we have to offer. All images are available to the media and teams etc. for promotional activities.

624 Photos

Super Karts-Donington Park-01112014

Super Kart Images.

129 Photos

GT Cup Races-Oulton Park-25102014

With a full grid of GT Cars and the tight Oulton Park track we were just waiting for the action to kick off. Race images were snapped at Old Hall and Lodge.

218 Photos

GT Cup-Oulton Park-25102014

All the practice images are here. Images from the qualifying and races are on their way.

285 Photos

Masters and Alfa-Oulton Park-25102014

Final support gallery. This includes the small Alfa Romeo selection and the Master Series. Images from Brittens and Druids. All images available to the media if required with a credit to the web site.

60 Photos

VW Action-Oulton Park-25102014

All the VW race images are included together. Within we have the VAG Trophy and Production GTI Championship. All images available to the media if required.

199 Photos

BRSCC MX5-Donny-18102014

This is the last gallery from the BRSCC Finals day at Donington Park. All images are available for media purposes. As always, all images are subject to editing before submission.

383 Photos

Mazda Supercup-Donny-18102014

Congrats to Abbie Eaton on winning the 2014 Mazda Super Cup. Fantastic driving all year!

155 Photos

Mini Action-Donington Park-18102014

As ever we were treated to some crazy mini action.

192 Photos

Open Sports Cars Championship-Donington-18102014

The OSS race and qualifying were a joy to watch. We missed the start of race two with the camera but saw the coming together at Redgate. All drivers continued.

120 Photos

Production GTI Championship-Donington-18102014

With qualifying only on the Saturday we didn't get many images but what we did see was some cracking driving and car control.

40 Photos

PDA Porsche Championship-Donington-18102014

The PDA Porsche Championship qualifying and race from Saturday have been captured here. We tried a few different things at the Crainer Curves and the Old Hairpin during the race. We also managed to get to the Esses and on the start and finish during qualifying. All images are available to the media.

166 Photos

Fun Cup Race-Oulton Park-11102014

All the action shots from the Fun Cup four hour endurance race are here. Great racing with plenty of close racing once more.

269 Photos

Fun Cup Qualifying-Oulton Park-11102010

All the qualifying images are here. The majority are captured at Druids.

101 Photos

TVR Challenge-Oulton Park-11102014

As per the norm, the TVRs visited Oulton for their last round last weekend. With a packed grid action was assured. The sound is very much part of it.

128 Photos

Formula Fords-Oulton Park-11102014

The final Formula Ford races took place at Oulton Park at the weekend. With some great close racing it was a joy to watch. Images were snapped from Old Hall, Druids and Cascades. If any images are required for media purposes, let us know. All images are subject to edits.

262 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-04102014

All the images from the 4102014 BARC Oulton Park meeting are here.

378 Photos

GT Cup-Donington Park-21092014

With a varied 32 car grid the GT Cup put on a great sight as all the competitors blasted towards us at Redgate corner. All images are available to the media if required with the relevant credit.

554 Photos

BRDC F4-Donington Park-21092014

Lights, camera, action...and there was plenty.

228 Photos

Lotus Elise Championship-Donington-21092014

Memories. Having had two Loti, it was great to see such a large grid of Norfolk's finest. Enough said.

214 Photos

VW VAG Trophy-Donington-21092014

What is it with VW racing? Every time we witness a VW race the action is always frantic. rough and exciting. It was great to see some of the VW UK cars within the grid. This gallery has images from the VAG Trophy and the Production GTI Championship.

200 Photos

Radicals-Donington Park-21092014

This is the first gallery from the MSVR meeting at Donington Park on 21/09/2014. If you drove a Radical chances are you probably will appear in here. Shots were taken from McLeans, Crainers and the Esses.

184 Photos

BGT-Donington Park-2014

Small samples of the BGT photography. If any are of interest or other positions are required drop us a mail.

66 Photos

VW Cup-Donington-2014

Full grid of VWs jostling for position through the first corner at Redgate. You know there was going to be trouble.

342 Photos

Ginetta GT5-Donington-2014

Once again the Ginetta GT5 Challenge didn't let us down. Sad to hear that this was the final year for the G20. The championship is going all G40 next year.

270 Photos

Aston Martin GT4 Challenge-Donington-2014

Despite the small grid, you can't beat the sound of a V8 Aston at full chat.

140 Photos

Ginetta Drivers Club-Donington-2014

£27000 plus vat for a seasons racing and you get to keep the car. Can't say fairer than that.

116 Photos

British F3-Donington Park-2014

Despite only five cars, the racing was frantic from the outset.

294 Photos

MG Morning-Oulton Park-06092014

All the images from the MG morning qualifying and race one are here.

430 Photos

MG Afternoon-Oulton Park-06092014

All the MG images from Saturday afternoon at Oulton Park are within this gallery. All images are taken from races.

220 Photos

PCGB-Oulton Park-06092014

With an action packed qualifying period and two exciting races, the Porsche Club Championship didn't let us down.

222 Photos

Mazda Supercup-Oulton Park-30082014

Action packed races were put in front of us at the weekend. With Abbey Eaton and Paul O Neil in the race, we were expecting fireworks.

267 Photos

BRSCC PDA Porsche Championship-Oulton Park-30082014

All the latest PDA Porsche Championship images are present here. Once again, a great turn out and very close racing. Please remember that Chris Valentine was the official photographer on this event. As always, all images are subject to editing before submission.

286 Photos

XR Challenge-Oulton Park-30082014

XR Challenge Images. As always, all images subject to alterations before submission. Great racing as always guys with some flying examples at Brittens.

139 Photos

Formula Jedi-Oulton Park-23082014

Only a few Jedi pictures in this gallery. Problems with the equipment or the operator we aren't sure. We tried some slow shutter examples here that didn't quite work. All images are subject to scrutineering before submission.

54 Photos

Formula Ford-Oulton Park-30082014

With three Formula Ford races that included a visit from the National Championship we knew we were in for some frantic action.

352 Photos

HSCC Gold Cup-Oulton Park-24082014

After a great day at Oulton Park for the HSCC Gold Cup, these are the galleries for the Road Sports, Formula Junior, Super Tourers, Guards Trophy and Formula Fords.

614 Photos

BTRA Trucks-Donington-23082014

The monsters came and dominated the circuit. As the trucks are more dangerous and unpredictable, all officials have to stand down for this event. We managed to grab some images from the Roberts chicane through gaps in the fence.

102 Photos

Mini Action-Donington-23082014

Mega action from the Minis at Donington. As always, they never let us down.

289 Photos

Sports Cars-Donington-23082014

All sports car images are here.

199 Photos

PCGB-Donington Park-23082014

After a great holiday, time for a downloading session. First off are all the images from the Porsche Club qualifying and races.

403 Photos

MAX 5 Championship-Oulton Park-16082014

Fast and furious. For the second weekend in succession, we had some Mazda MX5 racing. This time the racing came from the Max5 Championship. There was action aplenty with spins, jumps and the odd bang.

82 Photos

Formula Ford 2000 and 1600-Oulton Park-16082014

If you drove a Formula Ford at Oulton Park on 16th August you may have been caught by us. This gallery includes all the images from the 1600 and 2000 formulas.

121 Photos

CNC Sports and Saloons-Oulton Park-16082014

All the CNC Sports and Saloon images. All images subject to editing before submission.

330 Photos

Mazda Super Cup-Anglesey-10082014

All the Mazda action is here. Domination was the name of the game.

444 Photos

European TVR Championship-Anglesey-10082014

Monsters came to Anglesey at the weekend.

304 Photos

XR Challenge-Anglesey-10082014

This is the place for all the XR Challenge images. Some may appear in the next edition of Spot Light Magazine. Great racing as always.

150 Photos


Did you race an Alfa at Anglesey at the weekend? If you did, the image will be in here. As an Alfa owner ourselves, we were curious how well our 159 diesel would go.

146 Photos

Arrow Pack Championship-Anglesey-910082014

The smallest grid of the day but what a race! The racing was quick, fair and close at times.

45 Photos

BRSCC PDA Championship-Anglesey-1011082014

This is the first image gallery from the BRSCC meeting at Anglesey on the 10th and 11th August 2014. Here we have all the BRSCC PDA Porsche Boxster and 924 images captured over the weekend. As always, these images can be subject to slight editing before submission and a DW watermark if going in to a media publication.

219 Photos

MGCC-Donington Park-04082014

All the images from the latest MGCC races are here. Great racing once again. All images are subject to final approval before submission. These are also available to media outlets with a credit to the web site.

760 Photos

BRDC-Oulton Park-19072014

Did you drive a BMW at the weekend at Oulton Park? If the answer is yes, then your image will be in here. Did you venture out in the wet in a single seater? Again, if you did search this gallery for exciting wet images.

762 Photos


If you drove a Caterham, your image will be in here.

634 Photos

PDA Porsche-Rockingham-12072014

All the PDA Porsche 924 and Boxster images are in here. As always, images are subject to editing before submission. We have a number of shots that we quite like but have been asked to remove the marker posts on the clipping points.

179 Photos


All the Porsche Club Motorsport images from Rockingham.

284 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-05072014

All the images from the BRSCC meeting at Oulton Park from the 05072014. Today we have Teekay Couplings VW Golf Championship, Super and Mighty Minis and Britcar.

662 Photos

Formula E-Donington Park-04072014

What a massive opportunity this was. The cars are quick. They handle very well and they sound that they run on superchargers. This is one series that will grow in a big way in the next two to three years.

350 Photos

Cockshoot Cup-Silverstone-MG90

Cock Shoot Images.

373 Photos

Ecuire GTS-MG90 Silverstone-2122062014

Ecuire GTS Championship images are here. A great varied grid on show as always.

344 Photos

MG Trophy-MG90 Silverstone-21062014

Frantic MG Trophy racing.

237 Photos

Historic Intermarque-MG90 Silverstone-21062014

Some great classics on display here.

64 Photos

Ferrari Racing-MG90 Silverstone-21/22/06/2014

All the images from the Ferrari Open and Classic are in here. Surprisingly small grids this week but the racing was as frantic as ever. If interested in any images contact us at

122 Photos

PCGB-Silverstone MG90-21062014

Part of the MG90 weekend at Silverstone was taken by the ever popular PCGB Club Championship. These are all the images snapped during the three races and qualifying. All images are subject to approval before submission.

335 Photos

Radical Racing-Oulton Park-14062014

Radical images.

386 Photos

Lotus Races-Oulton Park-14062014

If you drove a Lotus are in to them like we are, all the images from the Elise Championship and the Lotus UK Cup are here. All images subject to edits before submission and are only to be used with permission.

235 Photos

MSVR Team Trophy-Oulton Park-14062014

All the Track Day Trophy images are here. Images were taken at Brittens, Druids and in the pit garages. All images are subject to editing. All images are to be used with permission only. If any are of images interest, drop us an email.

159 Photos

Super Tourers-Oulton Park-June 2014

All the Super Tourer images. All images are subject to edits before submission.

206 Photos

BTCC-Oulton Park-June 2014


775 Photos

Ginetta Junior Championship-Oulton Park-June 2014

This was the championship to watch this weekend. With twenty cars on the grid driven by young teenagers, fireworks were expected. Again, this was another championship that suffered with wet and dry conditions throughout. We caught many incidents in the wet and a few close moments in the dry race on Sunday.

212 Photos

Renualt Clio Cup-Oulton Park-June2014

The Clio Championship is growing slowly. They are a way off the hay days of the 200 cup version but I am sure they will reach the milestone by the start of next season's racing. Once again, the Clios had a mixed weekend with racing in the wet and the dry and a mixed qualifying. Race one started on Saturday with a competitor in the barrier and one spinning in front of us.

154 Photos

Ginetta GT3 Super Cup-Oulton Park-June 2014

The Ginetta Super Cup images are a little thin on the ground due to the conditions they qualified in. There will be more at taken at Croft. Look back at the Donington gallery for more variety.

71 Photos

British Formula Ford-Oulton Park-June 2014

All the images from the Formula Ford qualifying and two races over the BTCC Oulton Park weekend are here. All images are subject to editing before submission.

116 Photos

FF2000 and JTCC-Donington Park-31052014

The last gallery of the weekend. Junior Touring Car Championship and Formula Ford 2000.

165 Photos

BARC Renault Clios and Formula Renault-Donington Park-31052014

All the single seater action from the Formula Renault race and qualifying and the action packed Clio adventures are in here.

401 Photos

Ferrari Open and Classic-Donington Park-31052014

If you are interested in Ferrari's this is the gallery for you. We have all the action from the Ferrari Classic and Open series included. We couldn't help but think how good it would of been to have both series out at the time.

354 Photos

BARC CNC Sports and Saloons-Donington Park-31052014

Exciting racing provided once more from the BARC CNC Heads Sports and Saloon Car Championships. All images are from Hollywood, Crainers, Roberts and the Old Hairpin. All images are available to publications, clubs and media when required.

265 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-17052014

All the images from the BARC meeting at Oulton Park from 17th May. All images are subject to editing before submission.

305 Photos

BRSCC Porsche Championship-Croft-10052014

This is the last gallery from Croft. It shows all the images from the BRSCC Porsche Championship which provides a racing home for Boxsters and the classic 924.

256 Photos


Within this gallery from Saturday at Croft, you can find all the images from the wet qualifying, race one and two and some paddock shots. If interested drop us a mail at All images are copyright of

325 Photos

Cockshoot Cup-Croft-10052014

All the images from the MG Cock Shoot Cup are here. Great racing once again. Varied grid. Top quality drivers. Who can ask for more. As always, all images are available post processing.

215 Photos


Images from Saturday's DDMC Sports and Saloons are available. All images are subject to final approval before submission.

394 Photos

MSVR-Donington Park-27042014

All the images from the first rounds of the GT Cup, Radicals, Kumho BMWs, MInis, Monoposto Championships are in here.

1002 Photos

BTCC Supports-Donington-19042014

These are all the support race images from Donington Park last week. All images are available for publication and promotional work and are subject to a little tinckering before submission.

727 Photos

BTCC-Donington Park-19042014

The British Touring Car Championship from Donington Park 2014. All images are available to publications, drivers, teams and sponsors if required. All images are subject to final approval.

612 Photos

British GT-Oulton Park-20042014

These are all the images from rounds one and two of the British GT Championship in 2014. This event was held at Oulton Park on the 21/04/14. It includes all the support race images from the VW Racing Cup, V8s, Track Day Trophy and the Darlington and District Sports and Saloons races. All images are subject to editing before submission.

949 Photos

HSCC-Donington Park-06042014

All the images from the first round of the HSCC races at Donington Park on the 6th April 2014. All images are subject to approval and editing before distribution.

1627 Photos

Flying Scotsman Rally-Hotel-04042014

Shock! £50m worth of vintage cars in Accrington! What a surprise to see this collection of vintage cars from the Flying Scotsman Rally at a famous hotel in Clayton Le Moors near Accrington. Full weekly report will be published early next week.

140 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-29032014

Our first visit to Oulton Park for 2014. For this meeting, we were treated to close racing from the Citreon 2CV championship, Super Karts, and a split grid of sports and saloons from the CNC Race Heads Championship.

218 Photos

Motors TV Races-Donington Park-23032014

Cracking day with a great mix of formule. With single seaters, tourers, and sports cars, we were looking forward to an action packed day. A full report is in the latest news section.

1084 Photos

BTCC Media Day-Donington Park-18032014

These are all the images from an excellent BTCC test and Media Day at Donington Park. The day wasn't the best weather wise but we still managed to walk the full length of the track! We did have two stop off though at vacant marshall posts. A full report is in the latest news part of the web site.

990 Photos

Testing-Silverstone-March 2014

All the images from Silverstone are in this gallery.

254 Photos

Testing-Oulton Park-March 2014

A quick gallery of the highlights from a hour spent at Oulton Park earlier this week. Many BTCC and British GT participants attended the day.

535 Photos

MSV Trackday-Oulton Park-01022014

Track circuit racing starts here for 2014! We found out about this trackday from the internet forums and decided to attend. It was great to see a great mix of track day weapons. We had everything from a Porsche 996 Turbo to a 40 year old Rover on track. The aim of the day was to "get back into the swing of things" and make sure everything was working for the 2014 season. All images within the gallery are unedited and are of a low res quality. Final images will be edited and supplied in a better quality. AS STIPULATED BEFORE, ALL IMAGES ARE FREE FROM THIS GALLERY. IF ANY OF THESE IMAGES ARE OF INTEREST, DROP US AN EMAIL AND WE CAN SEND THEM. IT IS EASIER TO VIEW THE IMAGES ON THE WEBSITE RATHER THAN ON FACEBOOK. OTHER IMAGES FROM THE DAY ARE ALSO AVAILABLE TO VIEW ON FACEBOOK. SORRY FOR THE MIX UP. ALSO PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH, OR WISH TO BE ASSCOIATED WITH MSV. For other images of the day, look at the MSV Trackdays website. Thanks.

272 Photos

BTRDA-Demon Tweeks-19012014

Another great day was had on another autosolo. This was an event organised by the BTRDA.

494 Photos

Donington Park GP Collection-Donny-02012014

First general gallery of 2014. The annual pilgrimage to the Donington Park Collection.

288 Photos

Accrington Motor Sport Club with Under 17 Motor Club-Autotest-08122013

That was different! Went to cover some auto testing run by the Accrington Motor Sport Club with the Under 17 Motor Club. We weren't sure what to expect but we were very surprised.

456 Photos

Neil Howard Memorial Rally-Oulton Park-23112013

That was an excellent end to the 2013 Oulton Park season. Working on a freelance basis we have decided that we are going to help out the North West Air Ambulance. If any purchases are made from the day, 100% goes to the Air Ambulance. The time scale will be from 24/11/13 to 30/12/13. All our way of saying thanks for a great 2013! Bring on 2014!

884 Photos


This is the last race meeting at Donington Park for 2013. We can't belive how quick the season has passed. This was our last chance to get some shots that we had not tried before. We managed to get the car within the outer circuit road network which helped on a cold, wet, blustery day. We went to the usual areas, Redgate, Hollywood, Crainers, Roberts and the start and finish. We also ventured up to Coppice and McLeans. Once again, the circuit of choice was the national circuit.

755 Photos

BRSCC Finals-Donington Park-20102013

This time it was Donington's turn to turn off the lights on their BRSCC Championship races. What a great way to spend a damp Sunday. We did rather well with only one serious down pour that stopped the races. The karters were disappointed as they wanted to race in the awfull conditions. Some were also planning running on slicks!!! As for us photographers, it was time to take some shelter in a vacant garage and dry our equipment. The problems experienced with the 40d seemed to be sorted now it has dried. The day allowed us to cover the usual spots. Once again, the National Circuit was the circuit choice so we ventured to the Crainer Curves, Redgate, Hollywood, Roberts and the start and finish straight. Thanks once again Donington for a great 2013 and we can't wait for the new season in 2014!

1467 Photos

Fun Cup-Oulton Park-12102013

Fun Cup images from all around Oulton Park.

1123 Photos

BRSCC FF-Oulton Park-12102013

We had some great racing today from the BRSCC Formula Ford boys today. Once again, the race meeting generated many an incident with the most notable a coming together at Cascades for two of the pre 89 racers. The post 90 racers also had a great day despite smaller numbers. The racing was so close in the final laps that we thought we were going to have contact out of Old Hall. Images from the day were snapped from Lodge, Old Hall, Cascades and Knickerbrook. Thankyou for the great Formula Ford racing this year-can't wait until next year.

378 Photos

British GT Championship-Donington Park-06102013

This is it-all the images from the British GT race at Donington Park on the 06102013.

1106 Photos

VW ARP Championship-Donington Park-06102013

What a great couple of races to end the day! Unlike the Ginettas, the VWs are a lot larger in mass so when they slid, crashed the results were more dramatic. In these races we also had a red flag in the first and an exciting final race which resulted in a number of cars loosing it at the Esses.

336 Photos

Ginetta GT5 Challenge-Donington Park-06102013

This is the first gallery from Donington Park when the British GT Championship, Ginetta GT5 and ARP VW Cup entertained. This particular gallery includes all the Ginetta images. On the day, the GT5 Challenge should of had three races. As it turned out, the first and third races were red flagged and the third race was scrapped altogether. A full grid was in attendance with a mixture of G28 and G40s on show. The plan was to move around but with the short races we managed to use Redgate and the Esses. What we had of the Ginettas did not disappoint with many spins and excursions through the gravel.

260 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-28092013

What an end to the 2013 BARC races at Oulton Park. The variety of machinery on show was the start with karts, saloons and GT cars all competing. We moved around a lot on the event. We attended Old Hall, Druids, Avenue, Dentons, Cascades and Brittens. The light in the morning was a challenge but it allowed us to play with different exposures. Condolances to Ric Wood as he damaged his DTM in a big way at Hill Top. Glad to hear Ric got out of the car un-injured.

807 Photos

CSCC-Oulton Park-21092013

This is the gallery from the Classic Sports Car Club races from Oulton Park. It is a small gallery as the day was cut short due to an accident in the second to last race that resulted in barriers at Knickerbrook deemed unsafe after contact.

285 Photos

MG Car Club-Oulton Park-07092013

The images from the races are from Cascades, Knickerbrook, Druids and Old Hall.

504 Photos

MG Car Club Qualifying-Oulton Park-07092013

As the title really. These are the images gathered during the morning qualifying sessions for the MG Car Club races. They were taken from Lodge Corner which provides four shots. From this position, front, rear, side and and the classic Oulton Park Lodge shot can be achieved. Images were also attained from Druids, Old Hall, Cascades and Knickerbrook. They were action packed sessions but the events were in other areas like Island Bend and Brittens when oil was split and three cars had moments.

408 Photos

PCGB-Oulton Park-07092013

These are the images from qualifying, race one and two of the PCGB Championship. They were taken from the inside and outside of Cascades, Knickerbrook, Old Hall, Lodge and Dears Leap. Congrats to Team Hartech with two more wins for Tom Bradshaw. Also congrats to Stuart Ings with a third position in Class 2 in race two and Marcus for coming third in race one after the stewards sorted out the results.

427 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-31082013

Wow! Vulcan! Lets get that out of the way. What joy to see such an iconic plane at such close quarters. We got some cracking shots but wished it would of banked a little. We often see aircraft on a race weekend as Oulton Park is a visual refernece point for avaiation. Back to the racing. This event presented by the BRSCC included the Porsche PDA Championship, Super and Mighty Minis, Northen Formula Ford Championships and the Scottish Ford Fiesta Championships. All championships produced entertainment in its own way with many spins, contacts and slides. The Fiestas also produced a three wheel version.

557 Photos

HSCC Gold Cup-Oulton Park-26082013

Monday brought another great day of historic entertainment. With a full day of racing it was an early start so too arrive on track in time for the first race of the day. After walking the full circuit on the Sunday we decided to concentrate our efforts from Lodge, Old Hall, Cascades and Knickerbrook. We also had an hour on the rally track to give a little variety. Monday races included Historic Formula Ford and 2000s, Historic Touring Cars, Classic Racing Cars, 500cc, Classic Clubmans, 1950s Sports Cars. We also had repeats from the Touring Car Trophy, Derek Bell Trophy, and the Martini Trophy.

1023 Photos

HSCC Gold Cup-Oulton Park-25082013

What a way to start the weekend! Full accreditation for the Oulton Park Gold Cup presented by MSV and the HSCC. Images taken on the day come from all around Oulton Park-yes, we walked the whole of the 2.69 miles! As always on the Sunday, track activity commenced in the afternoon allowing for a plan to be devised for the next two days and an opportunity to really get in the paddock and try and get some images of the cars getting worked on etc. The racing was action packed. We had races from the Jaguar E Type Challenge, both Historic Formula Junior categories, 70s Road Sports, Super Touring Car Trophy, Martini Trophy, Historic Road Sports, Pre 66 Sports Cars, Guards Trophy for GTs and to finish off the day, qualifying for the Derek Bell F5000/F2 races. Full report and Monday Images to come.

1122 Photos

British Super Bikes-Oulton Park-10082013

For the second motorsport weekend in succession we tried something different. This weekend it was a quick run to Oulton Park for the British Super Bikes. We managed a full day on the Saturday which saw qualifying and race one in the superbikes and other championships. We took our time moving around the circuit grabbing images from Knickerbrook, Brittens, Druids and Clay Hill. Full report in the news section. Enjoy-we did.

804 Photos

Karting-Three Sisters-27072013

With bikes on at Oulton Park and Donington Park we had a free weekend. During the week a collegue piped up he wanted to buy a kart and that racing was on at Three Sisters in Wigan. We haven't covered karting and to be honest, don't know much about it. So we went down to see what was what. We were surprised...

966 Photos

Modified Live-Oulton Park-22 June 2013

That was an interesting day. Very unconventional racing-infact it the events were more like a sprint. Some interesting cars on display aswell as on the track. Some very close racing from the Civic Championship and some very exciting sprinting from the time attack racers. Highlights have to be the F1 cars even though we only got an out, fastish and in laps on two occasions.

318 Photos

MSVR-Oulton Park-06072013

This gallery includes the new for this year Formula 4 and various Radical championships. If you are into Radicals the day was for you. They brought all models including the new SR1 championship with Chris Hoy participating. Mayhem was the order of the day with many incidents. Full report on the way in the news section.

1086 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-29062013

Great days racing with images taken from a number of areas around the Oulton Park circuit including Cascades, Brittens, Avenue, Dentons, Lodge, Druids and the Old Hall grand stand. Highlights have to be the green TVR of Winstanly that made the podium three times.

957 Photos

MSVR-Oulton Park-June 2013

What an action packed day! We had everything today. Spins, crashes and a roll! All drivers are all OK and we must say thanks to all the marshalls helping the Lotus driver after his barrell roll.

532 Photos

BTCC Supports-Oulton Park-June 2013

These are the images from the Clio Cup, Formula Ford, Porsche Carerra Cup, Gintetta Juniors and Super Cup.

1559 Photos

BTCC-Oulton Park-June 2013

This is it-all the images from our first accredited BTCC round at our home circuit of Oulton Park. This gallery includes the BTCC boys having fun in free practice one and two, qualifying and then races one to three. Congrats to Jason Plato and Andrew Jordon on their wins. The support championships will be along later today.

1422 Photos

AMOC-Donington Park-01062013

What cracking racing with some priceless machinery on show. Although we were down at Donington Park to cover the Porsche Club Championships for Hartech Racing, we thought it would be rude not to have a look at what else was on offer. Were not disappointed! With large varied grids, the racing was action packed. We couldn't pick a favourite-they were so exciting to watch.

1429 Photos

Porsche Club Race 1 and Qualifying-Donny 01062013

These are the images from qualifying and race one. Another great result! Pole, fastest lap and win for Team Hartech and Tom Bradshaw. We tried some new angles in this gallery and are pleased with the results. Watch this space for the Aston Images!

432 Photos

Porsche Club Race 2 Donny 01062013

This is a quick gallery of race 2 and the post race interviews and awards ceromony. Well done to all the Hartech Racing drivers, Tom Bradshaw, winner, Marcus Carniel, Stuart Ings and Gary Marsh. Thanks to Hartech Racing and the drivers for letting display our logo on the doors of the cars. Qualifying and race one highlights are due in the next 24 hours.

203 Photos

BARC-Oulton Park-27052013

This is the second installment from Oulton Park from the Bank Holiday. The day included the Kumho BMWs, Sax Max, CNC Sports and Saloons and loads of Caterhams. The races in the morning were dry then the rain came in the afternoon. We left after the Sax Max race due to the weather. We managed to take a images from Old Hall, Lodge and got some very clear shots from Cascades.

573 Photos

BRSCC-Oulton Park-25052013

The images taken on this day were captured from Old Hall, Lodge and Brittens. We tried a few new angles and are quite pleased with the results. We also tried some low shutter images from the outside of Old Hall and Dentons. During a break from the action we were asked to capture some images of a Ferrari Dino which we enjoyed very much. We didn't get in the paddock but will be returning on Monday for more fun and games with the BARC boys and girls.

888 Photos

BTCC-Donington Park-April 2013

Well, we got there! After taking four days to go through 5000 images we have managed to get it down just under 2000! With full accreditation thanks to Donington Park and Welch Motorsport the day was busy. With the usual support package on display, action was a plenty. The BTCC boys put on a great show with better than normal driving standards. Over the two days we gained images from Redgate, the Old Hairpin, Crainers, Richards and Hollywood. We created a few new images and took many Donington traditional images. It was great to get up and personal in the pit lane and on the grid walk with the cars and drivers.

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BRSCC-Oulton Park-13042013

This was the first of two visits this year for the Fun Cup Beetles. The battles were fierce with plenty of action and close racing. Supporting the Fun Cup were the Northwest Formula Ford Pre 89 and Post 90 championships with two races each. Also in attendance were the representatives of the Advantage Motorsport XR Challenge. The congratualtions must go to Mr Tom Bradshaw for winning both Post 89 Formula Ford races in such dominating fashion. Great to see the old Fromula Ford out Tom. The XR race was a rather sollum affair for the championship-I think the most indicent we saw was a few of the XR2s running wide at Old Hall. The day gave us the opportunity to visit the grand stand at Lodge and investiage what type of shot could be achieved. We have enclosed a few images taken looking up the track towards Druids and down Dear Leap. One thing that we noted was how underlating the back straight is and how steep Dear Leap was. We were going to have a look at the stand at Old Hall but it was closed off. We also found that the top of Lodge was also closed. We will be back at Oulton Park in May. Where to next;-Donington Park-20/21 April 2013-Touring Cars with accreditation.

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BARC Motors TV Race Day-Donington-April 2013

The Motors TV Race Day at Donington is the first accreditated event of 2013 working with the Porsche Club and and Hartech Racing. With perfect weather and an interesting mix of championships in attendance the day panned out well. It also allowed us work with the circuit conditions ready for the BTCC in two weeks time. We had the Clubmans Cup, Kumho BMW, 2CV and MG endurance races to pleasure us. Many spins were captured with clean sharp images. We have had images published on the Porsche GB Club Facebook pages and are awaiting for the Hartech Blog to be updated. It will be back to Oulton Park this weekend for the Fun Cup and BRSCC North West Formula Ford races. Also racing should be the XR Challenge.

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GT Championship Oulton Park 01042013

This is the second incarnation of the British GT Championship races at Oulton Park. This was the day of the races. We were blessed with two fantastic one hour races that generated many thrills and spills. We decided that due to the busy nature of the day, it would be best to position ourselves at Lodge and Brittens. We managed to capture some excellent images which involved spins, crashes and close racing. The days supports changed from the Ginetta GT5 Challenge to the VW Cup, MSV F3, and the Darlington and District Sports and Saloons. The gallery includes some excellent black and white pictures that seem to work despite the cars been modern. Our next meeting is the Motors TV Race Day at Donington Park on the 5/4/13.

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British GT Championship-Oulton Park-30032013

After what was a long close season, the Oulton Park season kicked off in great style with the British GT champioship and supports. We have gone a little mad with over 1300 images available! We will cut it down for the Bank Holiday Monday meeting. The day allowed us to get back in the swing of things and try a few ideas we have developed over the winter. These images were taken on the Saturday when the British GTs had two one hour practice sessions and one hour qualifiying. We tried different angles and tried some artitistic images. Comments are always welcome-just use the contact form. The Saturday also accomodated the Ginetta GT5 Challenge that had three races-two with first corner crashes. The Darlington and District Motor Club also attended with their Sport and Saloon Championship. This brought a great mix of vehicles with may cocking a wheel at Cascades. The day was dominated by the GTs. Images of the GTs were taken from Old Hall, Druids, Brittens, Lodge and in the pits. We must say that it was great to meet up with so many friends at the circuit. Lets hope that 2013 is a cracker! The next images will be downloaded Monday night after the races. Danny

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Exclusive Test-Oulton Park-March 2013

This was a bonus test session before the start of the 2013 season comences in two weeks at Oulton Park. The afternoon was perfect weather wise with a nice dry track allowing the teams to get many banker laps in before the forcoming Clio, Ginetta Junior and British GT Championships start later this month. See the latest news section for more information.

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Track Day-Oulton Park

Bit of a strange day was had on Saturday. Got some strange phone calls that required investigation. This gallery is posted up to show what offer in the form of services. For some odd reason, the payment system is now working. If you are interested in any of the images on the site drop us a line. Anyway, the day started early. We arrived just as the duck and drakes were in action. The day was very busy with an excellent variety of track day weapon on show. The day had everything from a special Astra Max van to a Porsche 997 GT3 RS-what a sound as it blasted past down Avenue and Dentons. If you are out for another trackday, or race team and need a photographer for free which is acceptable, drop us an e-mail. Anyway, back to the day. The day was perfect with great weather. We think we went away with our first Oulton Sun Tan of the year! As the day was so nice, we ventured out in the depths of the circuit and started at Brittens. We caught some great shots of the cars jumping the kerbing and oversteering under acceleration out of the chicane. From there we tried some arty stuff at the crest which needs a bit of work to perfect. Then we spent a good hour at Knickerbrook with other photographers which have websites. On way back to the infield we took some pics from the hill near the bridge but unless the day is wet, the image is a little sadate. Next it was time to look at Druids and found that the fence has moved back from the track. This meant that some of the images taken were the crest is were binned as the barrier covered the car. After lunch, we ventured to Lodge but with the bridge closed all the images were snapped from the inside of the track. We did manage some shots from different angles and will use them during the race season. To finish we went down to Old Hall and were very impressed with the speed of the cars through the corner. It was a great day to meet so many friendly drivers who were also up for a chat. The standard of driving was spot on with not many red flags. We did manage to catch a few spins and slides which brightened up the day further. It was great to catch up with Matt who gave me a few tips on photography. Cheers Matt-see you on the 23rd March. I may well be on the other side if someone hires me for free! Dan

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MSVT-Oulton Park-February 2013

2013 is GO! This is the first track based gallery of the year. As it was Feb, it was damp all day without a dry line appearing. We must say though, the standard of driving was exceptional. I think we only had two red flags all day-although the second resulted in a Megan 225 losing its near side front corner. If the rest of the year is like today bring it on!

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Neil Howard Memorial Stage Rally-Oulton Park-November 2012

This was a great day with ideal conditions. Please could we have more of this Mr Palmer? What a joy to see some ex WRC cars at such close quaters. Who ever thought about running the cars the circuit in the opposite direction needs congratulating.

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BRSCC-Oulton Park-October 2012

This was the final circuit race meet of 2012. The races did not disappoint as usual.

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BRSCC-Oulton Park-September 2012

This was one weekend we were looking forward to. The Alfa Romeo, BOSS, Forumla Jedi, and NW Formula Ford championships were out in force. The highlight of the day had to be the Formula 3 500cc Association races. They turned out in force and great sportsmanship was demonstrated. We are now getting near to the end of 2012. We have three galleries left for downloading.

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HSCC Gold Cup 2-Oulton Park-August 2012

This is the second HSCC Oulton Park Gold Cup Gallery. Highlights from the Sunday and the Monday included the E Type Challenge and the Formula 5000s. This year, the F5000 cars were combined with the Classic Formula 3 Championship.

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HSCC Gold Cup-Oulton Park-August 2012

This is the first of two galleries for the Oulton Park Gold Cup. The Saturday practice was quite a wet affair which made for some interesting shots. Having Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get round the circuit meant that over 2000 images were taken. The other gallery will be along a little later.

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BRSCC-Oulton Park-August 2012

Highlights of the day at Oulton Park on this occasion included the Arrow Park Saloons which seemed to cater for ex-BTCC supporting championships, and Production GTI Championship for VW Golfs. Supporting these championships were the NW Formula Fords, Sports 2000 Duratecs and the XR Challenge. A great day was had with pictures captured at Lodge and Old Hall perdominatly. The lighting on the day was perfect with many an image requiring little or no editing. We were especially surprised with Formula Ford images.

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MG Car Club-Oulton Park-August 2012

The Hartech Porsche Boxsters were out at Oulton Park again with the MG Car Club. Again, with the MG Car Club running the day, were dominated once again by various MG cars.

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MSV Racing 2-Oulton Park-July 2012

This was the second week in succession that MSV brought their championships to Oulton Park. The day was dominated by Lotus cars doing battle in Lotus on Track and Lotus UK Cup Championship. Also attending was the Radical UK and Clubmans Cup. To conclude an excellent days racing the UK Mini Challenge attended.

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MSV Racing-Oulton Park-July

With MSV, the owners of Oulton Park, Brands Hatch, Cadwell Park and Snetterton, taking control of some race series again for 2012, the day did not disappoint. This is the first of the MSVR meetings in successive weeks at Oulton. The first installment brought action from the GT Cup, Monoposto Championship, Project 8 Racing, VW Golf GTI Championship and finally the Production BMW Championship. With only half a day available, all the images were taken from Old Hall. We managed to capture some great action shots and incidents.

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Briticar-Oulton Park-June 2012

This was a day like no other. Smart Racing-what a blast!! To be honest, we all thought they would all topple onto their roofs on the first corner! It was a right laugh watching the wheels cock at Old Hall. After the laughs with the Smarts, it was time to get serious with Britcar Production. This is the ideal series for ex production saloons. Many of the cars previously raced in BTCC supports and the BTCC it self. After the Production races it was time for the big GT cars. This series also features a number of GT cars that have left the British GT Championship. It is great place to see ex GTC cars still doing battle and putting on a good show. The 4 hour GT race was epic that allowed us to see the cars at various parts of the circuit. Can't wait to see Britcar again in 2013.

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BTCC-Oulton Park-June 2012

Some cracking shots from various parts of Oulton Park. Some are new some are traditional. A great day was had by all. Congrats to Gordon Sheddon for clinching the 2012 drivers title. Congrats also need to be given to Andrew Jordan and Team Pirteck for clinching the independants championship. The BTCC looks like it is going to be very strong next year with Team Hard entering upto four cars. We also think we could see a few WTCC championship drivers return to the British domestic championship. Maybe STR and Tom Boardman will return-heres hoping. Looking forward to 2013!!

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BTCC Supports-Oulton Park-June 2012

All the images were taken at Old Hall and Druids. The weather was awfull!! It didn't stop raining all day. Many of the cars had trouble staying on the black stuff. After speaking with some of the drivers after the sessions many decided to call it a day early as the data recovered was useless. The supports included the Renualt Clio Cup, Ginettta GT Supercup and the Porsche Carerra Cup.

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BRSCC-Oulton Park-June 2012

This was dull dark day at Oulton Park. Forgetting the weather, the day was one of the club highlights of the year. We were lucky this year to have the Scottish Mini Championship and the Scottish Sports Car and Saloon Car Championship attend south of the border for the first time. These championships supported the UK Porsche Club Championship and the BRSCC North West Formula Ford Championships once more. To top an excellent day, the Scotish Legends arrived for action. The highlight of the day has to be the Legends with some very close action and many a spin at corners on the circuit. We managed to move around a little on this meeting. We took images from Knicker Brook, Druids, Brittens, and Old Hall. We managed to capture quite few incidents in Legends and Minis. Danny

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BARC-Oulton Park-May 2012

This was one great mixture of motorsport. The cars spanned 60 years or more in time. We were treated to some excellent racing from the MG Owners Club. We watched the qualifying from the pit lane so couldn't take pictures. For the race we moved to druids and saw a two MG ZRs come together. The usual variety of MG models were on display with everything from a 40 year old MGB to a more up to date ZS. Next we were treated to more kart action. As the super karts visited earlier in the year, we decided to watch the competitors. The CNC Championship returned to Oulton for another round. This is great championship as you just don't know what you are going to get. We caught Ric Wood flaming on the entry to Druids which made for a great pic. The Honda VTEC Championship was great to watch with many Honda models on racing. The highlight has to be the Civics. The Cheveron GR8/Crossle Championship returned however it lacked GR8s. This needs to be addressed as a lot of the GR8s have moved onto other championships like the GT Cup and British GT. We managed to move about a bit-so pictures were taken from Druids and Old Hall.

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Aston Martin Owners Club Races-Oulton Park-May 2012

This was a surprise. The racing was competative and close with some very good action. It was a lazy day as all the pictures were taken from Old Hall but is proved the ideal spot with many a driver running wide onto the greencrete. The AMOC races included the well surported GT4 Challenge, Intermarque Championship, Equip GTS championship and finally the Ferrari Classic races. With Aston Martin celerbrating 100 years this year, the races were well represented. The intermarque championship was the pick of the day due to its large varied grid. The picture of the day was either the 888 GT4 Vantage running wide at Old Hall or the Peugeot flying through the first corner on three wheels. We will have to see how things change in 2013.

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BRSCC-Oulton Park-April 2012

This was a day that was dominated by Catherham racing. The championships brought very strong grids that meant very close racing action. It was a half day for dwmotorsportphotography due to other motorsport commitments but it was worth the trip out. All the pictures were taken from Old Hall as there wasn't much time to move around. The day was topped off by the BRSCC bringing its North West Formula Ford Championsips. Neil Winn had a good day. Overall we tried to look at playing with shutter speeds to get another angle.

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British F3/GT Championship plus Support-Oulton Park-April 2012

This was the first major meeting of 2012 at Oulton Park. With an very wet practice day it made for dramatic pictures of water roosters spraying out of the back of all cars. The F3 cars were flying despite the conditions and the GTs were making their mark by posting good times around the full International Circuit. The Sunday and the Monday were a lot dryer with the track bone dry on the Sunday. The grass was still sarurated which made drivers spin. With a strong grid in the GTs and famous names in the F3 the weekend did not disappoint. The supports were very entertaining. Many a GT5 Ginetta had moments which some are available within the gallery. The VW drivers drove very cautiously. With 2013 looking like another great year. The GTs are going from strength to strength and the F3s should be OK in these recessionary times. It will be interesting to see how Mr Blundell goes in the United Autosports Maclaren.

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BRSCC-Oulton Park-March 2012

The first meeting from the BRSCC at Oulton Park in 2012 included the Northwest Formula Ford Championships, Porsche Boxster Championship, Ford XR Challenge, Minis and Super Karts. The images are not the strongest from the year as it is difficult to move around with a dodgy ankle! The karts were the highlight for me. They are the fastest thing to go around the full International Oulton Park circuit.

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British Automobile Racing Club-Oulton Park-March 2012

This is when the fun starts! This is the first "proper" club meet at Oulton Park in 2012. The day was great being unusually warm. The day included the Mighty Minis, Mini Migula, Intersteps Championship and the CNC Race Saloons and Sports Car Championships. The Mini's didn't disappoint with many having close clean races. The intersteps were great to watch regardless of a smallish grid. The CNC Championship was fantastic with a grid of nearly 30 cars. The CNC Championship has to be one of the best club championships in the UK. We can't think of any other series where you can turn up with a modified Ford XR2i and share the same grid with an ex Opal Astra from the DTM Championship. We have looked at a number of the images and decided once again we would try some black and white images.

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Masters Historic Festival-Oulton Park-March 2012

These were the first races at Oulton Park to perform in 2012. Many manufacturers were represented including Ford, Mini, Mustang and BMW in the touring car races. The GT races included marques such as Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Cheveron. The noise and smell of the GT engines was amazing. It was great to be transferred back in time for a day. Highlights included the many Cheveron and Lolas on show as well as rare touring cars from Ford and BMW. The day was a great way to gather the information for the rest of season as many of the races were an hour or more in duration. We managed to take images from various places such as Druids, Old Hall, Clay Hill, Brittens, Lodge and Knickerbrook. A welcome addition this year was a rally car demonstration, even if it was a little brief. We have had a play with a few images and turned a few into black and white. We are unsure of the results but we will see what people think in the coming week.

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British Formula 3-Donington-2012

This is the F3 gallery from the final rounds of the 2012 British Formula 3 season. Congratulations to Jack Harvey for winning the accolade-all the best for 2013. Since these images were taken, British F3 has gone through a tough 2013. The championship for this year has been scaled down to just four rounds. More information is coming in soon in the latest images section of the site.

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British GT-Donington Park-September 2012

Fantastic Supercars battling out for glory! What a day! The British GT Championship really is the world leader in domestic GT racing! 2013 is looking very strong with Fortec entering two Merc GT3 SLS models, team Optimum returning with two BMW Z4s and Joe Osbourne. GT4 looks strong too with Mazda selling there MX5s and Toyota returning with the GT86. Regular GT4 teams are expected like Lotus and Ginetta. Bring on 2013 at Oulton Park!

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FIA GT1 Championship-Donington-2012

This was one of the highlights of 2012. What a bonus having the FIA GT1s on with british GT, F3 and supports. What an opportunity to be able to get so close to such machinery. Although the FIA GT Championship runs as the GT1 Championship, the cars run to GT3 spec. They sounded amazing with very close racing. The championship run with a few teams absent but the ones that attended put on a great show. Shame it has been cancelled as an FIA event for 2013 due to a lack of manufacturer interest.

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Autosport International-NEC-January 2013

This is potentially the first gallery of 2013! Having media credentials allowed for attendance on the Thursday press day. What a cracking day! 2013 is looking strong with many highlights. From conversing with various teams, race organisations, drivers and championships, 2013 looks like it is going to be split between Oulton Park, Silverstone and Donington. Season passes have been purchased, media credentials are in order-bring on 2013.

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Donington Park Collection-Donington-Jan 2013

This was a great day that filled a dull day. It has been years since the attendance so the holiday period allowed for an ideal opportunity to see what was available. The collection is very varied! What a surprise to be able to get up close and personal with such iconic machinery.

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