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www.dwmotorsportphotography.com was born out of a passion for motorsport that spans over thirty years. From the first meeting we attended in 1988, right through to the present day, the racing on track has captivated us deeply. The sounds, smell and overall atmosphere has grown with us and developed into a passion and obsession that has allowed us to grow into what you see here today.

In the early 2000s an opportunity to purchase a Lotus Elise S1 opened up a whole new world in the motorsport community. As the relationship grew with the Lotus, a number of members of the local NORLOG forum were undertaking track days at Anglesey and Oulton Park and after some gentle persuasion, a track day was duly booked at Anglesey. From that monumental weekend in 2001, seven further seasons of trackday events were undertaken.

The photography story begins back in 2006 when a camera and lens was purchased off a fellow Lotus owner. With changes in work and finances, these resulting events allowed us to do a full Oulton Park season. Having not done any formal photography training the results you see within are from self-teaching and experimentation.

One advantage we have over the competition is that during 2001 to 2008 each track in the UK was driven. With Oulton Park, Anglesey and Donington as favourites and with over 4000 miles covered on these tracks, this has allowed us to learn where the action will occur, often before the incident has even happened.

In 2012, we covered our first accredited event and what an event it was. The ACO European Le Mans Series rocked up to Donington with all its pomp and ceremony. The Leicestershire circuit stepped up after the planned Moscow round was cancelled. With training still taking place, the images that were produced were OK for the customer but the realisation that improvements where necessary if the journey was to continue.

Since the 2012 season, the accreditation process has grown year upon year. In 2019 contracts were set up with a number of local newspapers. Last year the BARC CNC Heads Sports and Saloon Championship, British GT Championship and the HSCC events were the priorities and 2020 will produce much of the same. 2019 saw a record year with over fourty six events covered.

In 2020 we will once again be covering the British GT Championship for the Newark Advertiser, various HSCC events for Newsquest and finally we will continue to be the official photographer for the BARC CNC Heads Sports and Saloon Car Championship.

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