Car Portraits

We offer a full range of motorsport event services

As the website has progressed over a relatively short period of time, one of areas that we were asked to cover were personal car portraits for the private client. This is still an area that gives us great pleasure. With a natural love of cars and everything automotive, will capture whatever the client desires. There is no elitism as previous clients have had everything from a Morris Minor to a McLaren P1. Each car, each client and each event, is unique, and our service reflects this.

A Unique Automotive Photography Service

One area that has spawned from this area of the business is the opportunity to offer the processes and results to the motor trade. We are continually building the client base and we have had the pleasure to capture everything from a Fiat to a Ferrari.

As always, costs are as unique as the service. Options, time scales, locations all have a bearing on cost so as always, drop us an email at

During a car portrait session, the customer can expect a number of areas to be covered;-

Drive shots at a location of choice.

Static shots

Section and detail shots

Customer and car

Driving shots

Classified shots

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