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Oulton Park

What can I say, other than this race track in Cheshire has kept me going this year.

This year I have spent much of the time away from work and as a result Oulton Park has given me an escape. In all the years I have been visiting Oulton Park, it has never been as important to me. I have never covered as many track and test days in the week. These mid week days have allowed me to complete a number of briefs.

Although Oulton Park is the first point of call for a motorsport fix, the weather has somewhat put a dampener on things this year. 2023 has to be one of the wettest seasons on record. As a result, many events have been either condensed, races cut short or had races abandoned.

As in previous years, Oulton Park has not been short of action. There have already been many an incident at locations renowned for it. Druids has brought its fair share, Cascades is catching the usual enthusiastic driver out with a trip to gravel, Island Bend is sucking the unsuspecting driver towards the barrier or the newly laid gravel trap. Even Lodge and Knickerbrook are increasing their numbers of events.

Already this year we have witnessed the BTCC, TCR, British GT Championship and various other club events. A new initiative for 2023 is to make the usual clubbie into a headline event by adding value to the meeting. These clubbies now sport a good gathering of relevant car clubs, parades and other off track experiences. These new experiences are a work in progress so I’m sure they will be enhanced even further in 2024.

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